Why to change?

Based on our medical and surgical practices over four decades, we strongly identify the need for improvements in order to accomplishing the best possible interests of those who suffer from chronic venous insufficiency and varicose veins of the lower limbs. As surgeons, we are  expected to adopt our own and fully independent medical decision process, choosing what is best for our patients, in order to attend our patient’s needs!

Based on the understanding of Very Distinguished Professionals and Medical Institutions,  from several countries as Germany, Canada, Australia, UK, France, USA, Brazil, Chile, Argentina and Peru, this will probably be,
“The Future of Venous Surgery”, correctly addressing the treatment of the related pathophysiological issues.

Expected benefits from Endophlebex Technologies

Minimaly invasive surgery

Combining an Endo and Extra Luminal Video Endoscopic Approach to Atraumatic Disposable Surgical Tools, “We expect to accomplish the best, safer, and cost-effective way to go, significantly improving the surgical treatment of varicose veins”. What matters is to offer the best possible “Medical Decision Process”, on behalf to our patients.


Our procedure will probably favor much lower recurrence rates, once it conveniently addresses the best possible treatment of all related pathophysiological issues. Consequently, we expect to offer the best cost benefit and effectiveness to patients, societies and insurance companies. We sincerely understand the best possible medical and surgical treatment will be offered to our patients.

After Surgery

We for sure will offer nicer cosmetic results and minor bruises, having added an intraoperative drainage and pain relief system, reducing anesthesia requirements and the length of hospital stay.


Our approach, combining video endoscopic surgical technologies , minimally invasive surgery and new surgical tools, will favor safety , functional and cosmetic results.

We are looking for partnerships, especially in Germany, Canada, Australia, UK, France, USA and Brazil